Our Story

Every great business is born out of a specific need and hence, here we are.  I created this concept from a dissatisfaction of renting spaces to meet my business needs.  I have worked 15 years at Fortune 100 and 500 companies in the C-Suite and understand the environment, feel and need for upcoming executives.  I wanted to land the right blend of sophistication and comfort and draw in the right professionals understanding that "iron sharpens iron."  I am fueled from other's success and being a part of their journey.  My background has been vast in medical sales, US Navy, athletics, fraternal organizations, community boards and most importantly, faith-oriented programs.  I hope that we can grow to reach our full potential together.

Our Approach

S.O.S. Saline offers a ready made launchpad for start up entrepreneurs or established business owners by creating a diverse community environment of growth-minded professionals looking to network, expand and creatively produce in an all-inclusive, local C-suite.

Want a Tour?

Give us a call to set up a tour of our facility:-)